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Fitness Assessment

To evaluate your current fitness level so we know EXACTLY how to start customizing your program.

Goal Discovery Session

So we can zero in on exactly what you want to accomplish in the next 90 days.

Nutrition Assessment

To customize a nutrition plan to get results specific to your body type.

Do you need motivation to help you get fit?


At Fit4U!, we are committed to creating a community of positive and encouraging people working together to empower each other to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

Using our world-class training, we will build a customized program that works with your body type to build strength, endurance, balance and good nutrition so that you can grow the habits you need to live a new, healthy lifestyle.



Apply for your FREE Transformation Session


Apply for your FREE Transformation Session
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Apply for your FREE Transformation Session

What Its Really Like To Train With Carla

These are testimonials we’ve received from our Personal Training clients

Brigid McArdle

" I take Carla Jennings' Barre and Bands class at Urban Body Yoga. I like Carla's Barre and Bands class because it's a demanding but fun workout. She keeps things interesting by adding new moves and by working all parts of the body. I recommend Carla, and in fact, I have already brought friends to her class. She is a motivator and is in great shape herself - which is a testament to her knowledge and experience. If I ever hired a personal trainer, Carla would be first on my list. "

La Shawnda Williams

" I’ve been working with Carla Jennings since February 2016. I currently take advantage of one-on-one personal training sessions twice per week. I enjoy working with Carla, and she is very knowledgeable when it comes to physical fitness. From working with Carla, I have gained confidence in my ability to lead a healthier lifestyle. Prior to beginning personal training, I was informed by my physician that I was borderline diabetic. I began to eat healthier and workout with Carla, and today I am no longer borderline diabetic and will soon be weaned off high blood pressure medications. To anyone considering starting a fitness journey with a personal trainer, I definitely recommend Carla's services. She is encouraging, non-judgmental, and genuinely cares about her clients. Carla promotes positive outcomes through physical fitness instruction ".

 What can you expect from FIT4U! Training?

FIT4U! is all about getting your body moving, feeling the beat, and having fun. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Form & Technique

You'll burn calories and learn the proper techniques that work for women.

Diverse Classes

We'll mix it up: different tools, different
moves, a different pace each class.


Every class can be personalized to fit your fitness needs and restrictions. 


FIT4U! Is committed to JUMP STARTING the beginners, RESTARTING those who stopped, KEEP MOVING those in motion and CHALLENGING the over achievers with THEIR fitness program. Believing whole heartily that, you can get THERE!

Jump starting


Keep going

Go higher and harder

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